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Does extreme anxiety cause neck and lower back pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath?

Actually, yes. It's amazing what anxiety can do! Have medical tests and if results are negative for back and lung problems or heart issues - it leaves anxiety as a prime suspect. The good news will be that 1. you now know'll you are healthy in important ways and 2. CBT therapy works well for learning anxiety mgmt skills. It's a good thing!

I have dizziness lightheaded fatigue short of breath lower back pain and urinating every hour im very concerned and my dr is not...

Seek evaluation now. Please do not spend more time in online inquiry for your current clinical profile because no one can get to the point for diagnosis and right care. Instead, more info on historu + physical exam + testing as needed. How to have such an important process of care done rightly? Follow instructions described in formefirst. Com/eNewsletter06.html; then you can work closer/ better with doc to gain good...

Woke up with a severe migraine that got worse with calf and lower back pain, tramadol did nothing. Blurred vision, dizzy, throbbing. Advice?

Get seen now! Severe headaches that wake you up at night, especially with your other symptoms, are very worrying. Get seen now, even if it got better: because it can be a warning sign of a serious problem. Get seen right away.
Many symptoms that- -R not related, but the migraine, vision & I assume the throbbing is in Ur head. This needs 2 B evaled. Since a cerebral event can cause these. A neurologist is the place 2 start. If U R on BCPills & calf pain could also tie in with all symptoms except back pain. A CVA could come from DVT. A MRA of the brain may B indicated. It's a young age, but women in this age group mid 20's-mid 2 late 30's.

Sudden onset dizziness, left sided blurred vision, tingling, racing heart, and now have lower back pain. Help?

Sudden dizziness. While sudden dizziness is usually not serious, the blurred vision, back pain and fast heart beat make it more likely that this is something that should be evaluated urgently. I would see your doctor, or go to an urgent care facility.

SL reconstruction using autograft yesterday, with an on-Q attached to shoulder. Shortness of breath, and lower back pain. Anxiety, or side effects?

Be seen. Any complaints of shortness of breath postoperatively is something taken very seriously in general. I would call Your surgeon and make sure he is aware and then follow his recommendations. Likely he will recommend you come in to be seen.

Second trimester, shortness of breath, stuffy nose, lower back pain. Are these all common during 23 weeks. Will they get worst or better for the remaining of pregnancy? How to ease them in the meantim

OB-GYN exam. Please consult your OB-GYN since you have multiple symptoms and no- these are not all normal except for the lower back pain which is common. Most OB-GYN physician recommend little or no mediciation: call for advice.