Where is my left eye 'socket bone'?

Socket bone. There is no such thing as a "socket bone." there are a number of orbital bones which form the protection around the eye.
See eye doctor. The eyeball sits in a boney cave which one may call the socket. The eyeball is surrounded by bones on all sides and the back like a scoop of ice cream sitting in a sugar cone.

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My left eye socket near my eyebrow is in pain causing head ache?

Ophthomologist. There are some benign causes for your symptoms, but there are also some concerning causes. The more acute this is, the more it needs to be evaluated. Ed if visual disturbance and or pain with light and/or high fever are more concerning. Ed or ophthamologist are appropriate.

II have pain in my left eye socket. The eyeball itself doesn't hurt no extra tears or mucus. What could it bee and should I see eye doctor or medical?

Eye pain. YES, I would see an eye doctor. They have more experience and more sophisticated equipments that are not available to other physicians. If the EYE doctor says everything look OK, then you need to pay attention to the bones that form the walls and roof of the orbit.

What could cause rotting bone and tissue around the left sinus and eye socket?

Sinus problem. Acute or chronic sinusitis and or bone disease can cause this and appropriate xrays or ct scan can offer an explation.

Unexplained bruising left eye socket - just noticed this, it's on inner side of eye, I haven't hurt it at all?

Trauma? You must have rubbed the area without realizing for the result is soft tissue trauma. As long as vision and movement of the eyeball is fine use some heat and alternate with ice for resolution.

I keep getting this really painful pain on the left side of my nostril all the way to what feels my eye socket but beneath my eyebrow bone what is it?

Maybe sinusitis. Could be inflammation blocking the outlet of your maxillary or sphenoid sinus, causing pressure to back up and cause pain. Could be infection or environmental allergies. See your primary care provider or an ENT specialist if its persistent or gets worse. Hope this helps!
Left side pain. It is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis without a clinical exam and x-Rays. However, it sounds like an abcessed tooth. Make an appointment with your dentist for an exam, diagnosis and treatment.