I am suffering from bone pain, could it be osteoporosis?

OP and pain. Osteoporosis can cause pain emanating from the bones, but other things can do that, too. Wouldn't just assume that OP is causing your pains. Do you smoke? Have stiffness of your joints? You may want to get evaluated to be sure.

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Will my sister have osteoporosis &or have osteoarthritis? Shes 40s.If my mom has it. Shes smoker nonactive, diet poor&has joint bone pain right side.

Probably yes. Our health is determined by a combination of genetics ; lifestyle factors. Since your mom has it you are both at increased risk but a healthy diet ; lifestyle can still minimize that risk. Being sedentary, smoking ; poor diet all increase risk so the odds are quite high she will get these- she may already have them! see http://bit.Ly/1a48ofs ; http://bit.Ly/1a2dbdw. Read more...

Hla b27+ and osteoporosis, bone pain, next hi in urine, -ca, na, creatinine, oxalate, citrate, volume. Cerum ca and pth normal. What is the problem & condition?

Not sure. Cannot diagnose you with this information. Consider seeing a bone specialist. But for osteoporosis in general, check vit d levels, and rbc magnesium. Supplement with strontium, boron, d, and magnesium. Cut back any alcohol use. Read more...