How good are steroid injections compared to surgery for degenerative discs in the spine?

Great option. I recommend patients try a series of 1-3 lumbar or cervical epidural steroid injections for back or neck pain from disc degeneration. This change in your disc is normal after age 16 but can become very painful. Aggravating activities include bending, twisting, overhead lifting, sguats with weights, running and jumping. The injections should make your pain symptoms progressively better for 6 mos.
Best for leg pain. If the majority of the pain is in the back they are less effective than if the majority of pain goes down the leg (sciatica). Make sure you do injections with qualified specialists to minimize the risks.

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With degenerative disc disease, facet arthrosis, nerve compression, buldging discs lumbar and cervical regions, synovial cyst posterior lumbar region in spine, continueum spasms, the need of surgery is the option as of now. I have been through all treatme

Unsure of question. Most surgeons exhaust non-operative care before recommending surgery. Non-operative care can include medications (anti-infammatory arthritis type medicine or pain medications), physical therapy, activity modification, exercise, bracing, chiropractic care, interventional pain management (injections), or alternative medical approaches.