What are treatments available for leukemia?

Follow the advice... Of your hematologist/oncologist. First step is a specific diagnosis, and from there they can formulate a plan of care and address whether there might be a clinical trial that you are eligible for. Once you begin therapy, there will be much to pay attention to, but following protocol directed therapy as closely as possible (with possible mods by your dr) is important. Open communication is key!
Depends on type. Leukemia is a brood term: is it acute or chronic? Is it "lymphocytic" or "granulocytic"? What exact type is it and how was it found? Treatments can include anything from just watching blood counts to biologic therapy to chemotherapy to bone marrow transplant...Or a combination. Need more details!
See below... First of all, the treatment for any type of leukemia should be coordinated by a hematologist/oncologist. To answer your question, chemotherapy is usually the first line of treatment. There are certain types of chronic leukemia that progress very slowly and do not need treatment initially. After chemo, remission or even cure may be achieved. The next step may be a bone marrow transplant.

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What are the treatments available for acute myelogenous leukemia chloroma?

It depends. There are a variety of different subtypes of aml. See this link for further details. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/adultaml/patient/page1. Read more...
Chloroma is.... A solid leukemia mass, also known as a granulocytic sarcoma, that is traditionally associated with aml. Indeed, chloromas are often associated with specific subtypes of aml, such as those that have the t(8;21) translocation. Treatment for them is the chemotherapy for the disease, although radiation therapy is sometimes used if the chloroma places adjacent structures at risk. Talk with your doctor. Read more...