When should a person start physical therapy and mobilize his elbow after elbow dislocation/fracture?

Within a week. Assuming your fracture-dislocation was fixed surgically (as most are), it is critical to get your elbow moving within a week of surgery. You may never have full motion again (though it is possible), but to optimize your motion and elbow function, early motion is critical.
Depends on frx. Generally we like to move elbows early they love to get stiff depends on frx stiff elbow is infinitely better than a loose elbow there are no solurtons for a unstable elbow.

Related Questions

What is the treatment for traumatic elbow dislocation?

Reduction. You need to be seen emergently and have the elbow relocated or reduced. Anesthesia/sedation is generally required to relax the muscles to allow for the joint to be reduced. You may require a period of immobilization.

Fractured elbow and failing physical therapy, what to do?

Elbow specialist. Make sure that you're seeing an orthopedic elbow specialist. The fracture needs to heal in the correct position. It may be malaligned.... Or it could be a non-union or a delayed union.

What to do if I fractured elbow and failing physical therapy?

See a specialist. See a fellowship trained orthopedic elbow specialist. You may have a fracture that healed improperly.

Suggestions for brace for elbow when working out. Status post elbow dislocation times thee years?

Depends. Most elbows are stable once the injury heals. If you are looking for an extra measure of support or comfort while working out, I would start with a simple slip-on neoprene elbow sleeve. If your elbow feels slightly unstable, you should see an orthopedic, preferably one who is an upper extremity expert. In rare instances, a subtle case of instability can cause problems with weightbearing activities.

I recently had an elbow dislocation and was placed again at the moment it happens. The radiographs were okey. Right now I have a swelling all over?

Thats quite normal. The swelling can and will persist for up to 2 months, and even more, depending how severe the injury was. Follow your orthopedist's advise. Taking Ibuprofen or aleve, (naproxen) or something else for swelling would help. Supervised therapy will be greatly beneficial. Compression bandage, like a heelbo would help with swelling and to protect it.

Had elbow dislocation (no frc), closed reduced by surgeon 80 days back. Elbow can be straightened 95% as before but small swelling on elbow still notgone?

Swelling. This is not an unexpected result. Keep trying to improve the range of motion. You probably have a small bursitis reaction in the elbow and some fluid from that. It could be drained via needle, but it would probably come back.