What kind of experience is it to have a panic attack?

Sxs. Panic attacks can develop rapidly and can include: marked anxiety; rapid, pounding heart beat; chest tightness or pain; shortness of breath with hyperventilation; hot or cold flashes; a sense of butterflies in the stomach, nausea or even vomiting; tingling of mouth or extremities; increased sweating; feeling faint or lightheaded; headache, shaking; difficulty swallowing or throat tightness; a >>.
Depends on severity. Some people get anxious and their heart rate increases, then they feel a fight or flight response. Those who don't handle stress well, may begin rapid breathing, racing heart race, racing thoughts, and feelings of impeding doom. Some will breath so rapidly that they feel light headed and rushing sounds in ears, and then pass out. Others recover as soon as removed from situation.