Keep getting interrupted sleep and am always depressed. What can I do?

Study causes. #fibromyalgia? A fortyish female with restless sleep and depression needs to discover the cause. Unrefreshing sleep naturally leads to depression. Commonly, interrupted sleep is due to chronic pain syndromes of pelvis, back, shoulder or neck. Menopause can also cause these symptoms. See a doctor to investigate and to rule out fibromyalgia.
Depression. Check with your doctor to rule out any medical issues, if cleared consider seeing a mental health professional as depression and insomnia are often related and can be treated successfully. Read the articles on both subjects on the soundnmindz. Org website for support and insights. Best.
Get eval n treat. First thing to do in such a scenario, would be to rule out a medical condition contributing to both symptoms - once that is ruled out, sleep hygiene and treatment for depression would be the way to go. Psychotheapy by a psychologist and maybe antidepressant therapy makes depression very treatable in most cases.