I work 16 hour shifts at a nursing home any suggestions on a good pair of shoes that won't kill my feet?

Points to consider. First figure out if your feet hurt even if you are not on them. Do you need to be evaluated by a podiatrist? Do you see any pressure marks on your feet where shoes are causing friction? Where do your feet hurt? Consider: supportive insoles to cushioning and absorb shock, steel shank for distributing weight. Wider shoes so your feet are not cramped, yet make sure they are snug. Arch supports!
Running shoes. I have heard many podiatrist recommend new balance. A store that carries a number of good quality running shoes should be able to help you find footwear that should give you good support. If you are on your feet a lot, you might want to also consider wearing knee high surgical type support stockings to avoid venous pooling while you are up for prolonged times.