Pain in foot after running. Help?

Dr. If the problem is chronic, go see a dr., better if a foot doctor (podiatrist.) in the long "run, " i would soak in ice, and also see if i possibly need a different style or brand of running shoe. You may need orthotics.
Rest. Consider rice!. Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Also add an otc NSAID such as advil (ibuprofen). See a podiatrist if the pain persists.

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I have heel pain and foot pain on the outside of foot immediately in front of the heel. It seems to get aggravated after running or being on my feet.

A lot there. It sounds as though you are speaking of the area around the base of the fifth metatarsal, cuboid, calcaneus junction. A lot can be going on there including but not limited to inflamed fascia, tendon, an accessory bone or even a stress fracture. You best bet is to see a specialist for an evaluation to sort out all the possibilities. Read more...
Varies. There are a number of possibilities and I would not hesitate to be seen. Plantar fasciitis is one of the more common causes of heel pain and usually causes pain "immediately in front of the heel." If you are a runner, a calcaneal stress fracture can be another consideration. A detailed exam and appropriate studies would likely determine the cause. Read more...