Could shortness of breath for the past 40 days lead to congestive heart failure?

Backwards. Shortness of breath will not lead to heart failure. But heart failure can lead to shortness of breath. In fact it is one of the more common symptoms of heart failure. However, shortness of breath can be caused by many things. You should talk with your doctor.

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Can a dr tell if you have congestive heart failure if the only simptons you have is shortness of breath. I have many of the med health procongestive?

Heart failure. There are many causes of shortness of breath aside from heart failure. Other symptoms like leg swelling, shortness of breath when laying flat etc. Chest x ray and blood test, and ultrasound of the heart may also help in the diagnosis.

I have +5 pitting edema in the lower extremities bilaterally. I also have shortness of breath when supine. Is this congestive heart failure?

It sure fits. Hi. CHF is very likely in your setting, but volume overload from kidney disease can cause the same symptoms. Are you making normal amounts of urine? I can't imagine you haven't seen a doctor about this. What has she/he said was the cause? CHF is easy to diagnose and can result from a variety of causes. Need more info to tell you any more.
Pitting Edema and. Shortness of breath when laying supine certainly are suspicious of CHF. It is time for you to SEE a doctor, who can conduct a hands-on exam, get the appropriate studies and get you started on appropriate medications if needed. Don't wait. The longer you wait the more likely of permanent sequelae will develop.

Stable heart failure but recently severe shortness of breath and his nt pro bnp result was 1940. Recurrent heart failure?

I'll bet so. Perhaps a treatable cause for his deteriorating cardiac status can be found. I'm glad you're writing on his behalf, and I hope you will have more good times with him, for however much longer he may have.

Fast heart beat, nausea, shortness of breath daily, swelling in hands. I'm 30, in shape, eat right and work out. Could this be heart failure?

Vague symptoms. The symptoms you have could be secondary to many many many things. Arrhthmias, right sided heart failure, hormone imbalance even pregnancy! See your dr get labs an ekg and a 2d echo of the heart. An event recorder holter etc dont rush to conclusions or panic until more inf is back.