I feel fat. What can I do to get a better body image?

Images Around Us. Something to think about: what kind of messages have you picked up from movies you seen? Tv shows? Magazines you've read? Ask yourself how these one-dimensional messages have shaped how you see yourself? You might want to take a look at ways therapists help female clients with this. E.G., see the complete women's psychotherapy treatment planner by dr. Julie ancis: http://amzn.To/14ewyfk.
Get in motion. Feeling fat can be a result of actual overweight or feeling sluggish and not fit. Muscle tone and exercise of any kind wake us up and help us feel better. Start slow, if u have any serious or chronic medical issues, check with your physician, and then start to move. Like they said in madagasgar, the movie, you got to move it, move it.