Do genital warts multiply in number, covering the entire genital area?

Yes. Since genital warts are a viral infection they can spread as any other infection. It is possible to have them be extensive enough to cover the area. This problem needs help by a dermatologist as this infection can be spread to others.
Not normally. Depending on the severity of the disease process it can be cumbersome, but generally the rash is limited to a localized area. It can spread however and is recommended that one with the warts uses good hygiene and protection during sexual encounters.

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My boyfriend's ex was rumoured to have genital warts. I couldn't see any physically on his genital area so could I still get the std?

Yes. Your partner can have hpv on his penis, as the warts that the hpv forms can be extremely small or it can infect the tissue without forming a wart, so if you were my pt. In coral springs, fl, i would do an hpv culture of the cervix- that will detect the virus even if the pap is normal and i would inspect the vulva with a colpolscope to see if you have an small condyloma which u may or may not. Read more...