Just had corrective eye surgery (lasik) 12 hours ago, right eye not as good as left eye. Is this normal?

Lasik. It is very common to have different vision in each eye as the healing and procedure varies. Just follow your post-op instructions and keep the eyes wel lubricated. If you had better vision just after the procedure and you notice an abrupt visual loss perhaps associated with pain then you should call your surgeon. Small variations in vision, blurry vision and severe dry eye symptoms are normal.
Probably. Twelve hours is too soon to tell whether lasik has treated your entire prescription. It can take up to a couple of days to be sure. Give it time, use your eye drops as prescribed, rest your eyes as you were told, and don't test your eyes too frequently. As long as there is no significant discomfort, you are healing appropriately.
Yes. Yes. It is common for the vision to be a little blurry immediately after surgery. It is also common for one eye to be a little clearer early on. If you are having other related symptoms such as pain, then you should call your eye doctor.