Can I drink a special k protein shake with high blood pressure?

May be. With having high blood pressure, it is important to not eat too much sodium. High sodium in your diet makes it harder to keep a normal blood pressure, even if you are taking medication for it. Try to keep your total daily intake at 1, 500mg a day. So, you'll have to check the label on the back and add in how much sodium it has to your daily intake to see if you should drink it or not.

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I have high blood pressure and I do weight training should take protein shake after my training?

Should be. No problem, unless your blood pressure is due to kidney damage the protein shake is OK. If kidneys are an issue, talk with your doctor to determine what is best for you.

What happens if I have high blood pressure can I drink?

Alcohol and BP. Hi. Alcohol can cause or worsen high blood pressure. My advice is get your blood pressure well treated. Drinking with high blood pressure is OK as long as: 1) your BP is well controlled, and 2) you're not an alcoholic (i.e., drink in moderation).