What are the side effects of a contraceptive implant removal?

Minimal. They are removed through a small skin incision so there is obviously some discomfort and soreness. Normal cycles may not resume for 2 to 3 months.

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Removed contraceptive implant - what are normal side effects?

Irregular bleeding. You may experience some irregular bleeding. Ovulation resumes pretty quickly after removing the implant, so if you are not wanting pregnancy, you should consider birth control. If you are wanting pregnancy, wait until you have two normal periods before you start trying, to make sure you have a healthy uterine lining for implantation. Read more...

Can I still get pregnant while on a contraceptive implant? I've missed my period for this month. Is that a normal side effect?

Yes it's normal. Progestin-only contraceptive implants provide highly effective pregnancy prevention. It is common for progestin only contraceptives, like implants, to cause unpredictable menstrual changes, including missed periods, infrequent periods, heavy periods, or more frequent periods. If you are concerned, you can always do a home urine pregnancy test. Read more...