(h/o 10+ kidney stones.) severe migraines, 25+ lbs weight loss, frequent urin., trouble sleeping. Paid for labs, but don't have pcm. Labs= ^ hemo/hematocrit/mcv/mch urin: blood & crys pres. Abn occult?

Hi, it sounds like U. Have more than 1 issue. You need a vist. Do you clinch your teeth at night? Are you having heartburn? Are you not sleeping because of the urination or pain? You may have interwoven problems that include stress, insomnia, migraines and weight loss making you more apt to feel pain, or pain may be creating the insomnia then other problems. Blood in urine indicative of stone but may b infection.
Quite a. Constellation of symptoms. Cannot relate the ha or weight loss. History of stones goes along with blood and crystals in urine. Stool occult also a disconnect. High h/h would suggest possible dehydration. Not good with stones. At the least need to see your urologist, and probably time for a primary to help lead the evaluation of all of your issues.