Mom has cough and fatigue with flu like symptoms for 1 month. Internal md found spot on lung x-ray. When should she see a pulmonlogist?

When her. Internist refers her. The sx's may or may not be coming from the spot. If you like your doc stick with him, does she have a hx of a mood or stress disorder. It's unusual for this type of thing to linger for a month. Does she sleep well, having crying spells, losing or gaining weight? There may be more here. Trust me if ur doc thought she had cancer he would have sent her. Gd luc.

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Had flu-like symptoms (tiredness, mild ache) 2-3 days ago; that subsided but still intermittent cough w/thick yellow-brown phlegm. What should I do?

Sounds viral. Drink plenty of fluids and get eight hours of sleep every night! Eat healthy and take some decongestant/ expectorant if allergy medicine does not help with coughing from Postnasal drip. See doctor if condition worsened, you may have a bacterial infection that requires antibiotics. Read more...