My daughter has what looks like a diaper rash but she never sit in pee or poop long haven't changed diapers or wipes?

Diaper rash. Some diaper rashes may actually be a yeast infection that reponds better to prescription treatment. Should get checked by the doctor to see if a bacterial or fungus yeast infection or just bad diaper rash. There should be something they can do. Try to keep the area open to the air when possible and use otc diaper creams until seen.
It's notnecessarily. A hygiene issue, treat the typical problem. A cream that treats diaper rash, see if improvement occurs. Babies can get this just from being in a diaper. If it worsens then go in but if looks like a rash then treat like one. Good luck.

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Diaper rash or something else in my 3 year old daughter? My daughter has what looks like a severe diaper rash all over her vagina. It hurts her so ad she cries when iuse a wipe. I have tried many differet medicines but none seem to help. Ii looked up onl

You. You may certainly use over the counter yeast creams but more importantly you may want her to be checked by a physician to make sure she does not have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes urine when infected may cause a rash in her vaginal area.