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What is a WPW rhythm of the heart?

WPW. Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is a heart condition in which there is an abnormal extra electrical pathway of the heart. The condition can be benign or lead to episodes of rapid heart rate (tachycardia), sometime dangerous. Certain medications should be avoided. Anyone with this condition should consult a cardiologist. Thankfully excellent treatment options are available and the prognosis is good.
Wpw. This refers to having an abnormal electrical connection in the heart which is from birth, unless you are having an arrhythmia related to that, your rhythm is normal other times. ..

I have WPW, I often have tachycardias I can control, I am having my heart slow down though, and can't control it. Is there a way to?

Likely yes. As you probably know, WPW is a disorder of the electrical conduction system of the heart. I am assuming you have a cardiologist and he or she may have considered referring you to an electrophysiologist who may then consider ablation of the aberrant electrical pathway. He or she may also consider medical therapy with certain anti-arrhythmic drugs. You may wish to explore such options with your doc.

Is WPW syndrome heart disease?

Yes. Wpw pattern is the ekg finding seen in asymptomatic people. Wpw syndrome implies symptomatic WPW conduction and should be treated as there is a small incidence of sudden death associated with it. Unless symptoms are minimal and rare, there should be some consideration of catheter ablation which is highly effective and a first line treatment for wpw.
Yes. Wolff parkinson white syndrome involves abnormal electrical behavior of the heart producing spasms of palpitations and rapid heart rhythms. The cause is an abnormal electrical structure of the heart which is present at birth.
Wpw. Yes presence of an abnormal electrical pathway in your heart that predisposes you to tachycardia and rare sudden death.
WPW syndrome. WPW syndrome is like an extra electrical wire along with usual wiring which causes short circuit. Http://patient. Info/health/wolff-parkinson-white-syndrome-leaflet.

Can WPW syndrome considered to be a type of heart disease?

Sort of. It is a heart condition. The term 'heart disease' is an umbrella/basket term that is used broadly, I think you need to carefully consider the context of the situation.
Rhythm disturbance. Wpw (short pr interval) is an electrical disturbance that can lead to fatal rhythm distubances under certain conditions. You should mention it to mds, rns, athletic coaches, etc. So that you don't get meds that might aggravate the problem.

I have WPW syndrome. I also have hypoglycaemia. Sometimes my glucose drops to the low 50s at night. How badly could this affect my heart?

Having WPW and low. Glucose have nothing to do with each other. WPW does not predispose you to anything with regard to your heart except arrhythmias. Having a low glucose is worse for your brain than it is for your heart. Have your health care provider help you to adjust your diet to maintain normal glucose levels round the clock. For your brain's sake. Your heart will be perfectly fine.

Question about heart disease wpw. Can it be fatal?

Yes. Coming from a pathologist. Everybody with WPW needs to be under the care of a cardiologist. Thankfully, we can do a lot for this condition that usually just a nuisance but can kill.
Wpw. It is rare but WPW can lead to sudden death. You can consult me if you want, I am a pediatric electrophysiologist, I can give you further info based on your specific situation. To consult, here is the web link: healthtap. Com\volkantuzcu.