Is it possible for a 13 year old that has been smoking for two years to develop lung cancer?

Probably not. This would be exceedingly rare, as most lung cancer occurs in older adults with significant (i.e. Decades-long) smoking history. There would likely be a significant familial component to lung cancer that develops in a 13-year-old, regardless of whether they smoke(d) or not.
Unusual. There is generally a 20 year lag between start of smoking and lung cancer. However that 13 year old is increasing her risk of lung cancer and other smoking related diseases.
Very rare. It is highly unusual to have lung cancer in the teens; it often takes years of smoking to result in cancerous changes in the lung. It is however very important that you quit asap to minimize your risks. The risk is cumulative and directly linked to the duration of smoking.
Possible though rare. In a genetically susceptible person, even a short exposure to a carcinogen can cause cancer. There are many other risks from smoking, e.g., respiratory illness, heart disease, cancers of mouth urinary bladder, peripheral vascular disease, premature aging and damage to your unborn etc. Give up smoking asap!