I'm 22 and suffer from a dry vagina, I have never gotten wet, I am not on birth control, sometimes bleeds when I wipe, even aroused still never get wet?

No problem. There are many reasons why arousal works to help you to lubricate. You need to investigate the physical: a physician can help you to find out if your hormones are enough n balance to support lubrication. Mental and spiritual are the other two components of being able to lubricate with stimulation. Other thoughts: are you spending enough time with foreplay allowing you to moisten.
Ask your doctor. Bleeding between periods needs to be checked out. Vaginal infections or even stds can cause bleeding or dryness or pain with sex. There are also hormonal reasons that the vagina may be dry. If you really are feeling aroused, but don't notice enough vaginal moisture/wetness, you should use an over-the-counter lubricant. Many are available--experiment, and find one you like.