If I smoke 5 cigarettes per day and drink green tea regularly, will I be protected enough from cancer?

No. Unfortunately, there are no supplements that reverse the cancer-causing effects of cigarette smoke. Furthermore, the only safe number of cigarettes to smoke is zero. Quit smoking for a month and see how much better you'll feel--you will then realize just how significant of an effect those 5 cigarettes a day were having on your health.
No. Smoking has been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt to cause health problems. The damage is slow and cumulative. Green tea is a good health habit. But first and foremost there is no cheating. We all do it. We all try it. But the body still registers the injury. The best cancer prevention is simple. A healthy lifestyle.
Overhyped. Green tea is the latest in a long line of overhyped nutritional products. Claims include weight loss, better health, longer life, better endurance. Do not believe the hype. Yes green tea contains some anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, but it still contains caffiene which is a stimulant and has diuretic properties. Too much green tea is not good for you.
No. Pls stop smoking. No, green tea will not protect you against lung cancer. The data regarding coffee and tea consumption in decreasing lung cancer is conflicting and unclear. Please stop smoking now- that will decrease your risk to develop smoking associated cancer.