How to strengthen wrist?

Exercise. Light weight 2-4 pounds taking wrist thru range of motion.
6 pack hand exercise. are good for the hand AND wrist. Strong grasp is part of good wrist function. Additional exercise involve the forearm muscles. The fingr flexors and extensors and the forearm extensor and flexors cross the wrist. Biceos and Tricep exercises are inportant to and doing those work the wrist. AS FAR AS PAIN, exercise may not be a solution to wrist pain and any pain should be EVALUATED BEFORE exercise.

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How to strengthen wrists? From 4-17 now im 27 I just did a back bend and my wrists are weak how can I strengthen them! They hurt when I land.

Wrist roller. Attach a strong cord cord to a rod like a broomstick. Tie a weight to the other end. Roll the weight up around the broomstick. Underhand and overhand. You'll appreciate the difficulty and the benefit. Read more...

How can I strengthen my wrists?

Resistance training. Using either weights or resistance bands to create tension in both the flexor and extensor muscles repetitively is a good method of strengthening the wrists. My preferred method is using resistance bands to do isometric strengthening exercises - i.e. Create tension in the wrist then hold for 10+ seconds, repetitively. (www.Chrisohmd.Com). Read more...