I have read a lot about yeast infections and bacterial infections. I believe that I have a normal discharge, there is no burning or itching but for so?

May b normal. Some discharges are normal. The fact that you do not have an excessive amount and that it is not causing irrritation or odor also go along with normal types of vaginal discharge. There are some otc ph testing kits that can help to differentiate the 2 more common types of vaginitis. It may be normal discharge.

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Had symptoms of yeast infection, so I used monistat1 yesterday. Burning/itching increased, discharge has blood in it, but not on period. Normal?

Could be. Most creams, over the counter as well as prescription ones, often contain alcohol to keep them soft and easily applied. When you have an infection, the vaginal tissue can be quite inflamed and irritated and this can be aggravated by the application of a cream. Spotting can occur as well. If the symptoms do not resolve in the next couple days, see your doctor. Read more...

Faint Yellow discharge with no burning or itching. Also no Odor, could this be a yeast infection?

Infection? STD? Any new or abnormal vaginal discharge needs prompt professional evaluation. Colored discharge (yellow, green, etc) suggests infection, including STDs like gonorrhea or chlamydia, if you are sexually active. Yeast is less likely -- main symptom is itching/irritation, not discharge. Possible trichomonas or bacterial vaginosis, but these usually cause strong odor. Get it checked out ASAP. Good luck. Read more...