How often should the dentist himself actually see me? My new dentist saw me only on my 1st visit, but not the 6-mo prophy nor the 3rd that 1st yr.

Connect w/ your doc. It is better to get an answer from the dentist who already had seen you ( email, text,..). Your doctor may need to join HealthTap .
Once a year. You may see different answers but i see my patients at least once a year.
Each appointment. After the dental hygienist completes his/her portion of the appointment, the dentist will usually come in and inspect your teeth and give his/her recommendations.
That's Surprising... It is your dentist who is responsible for monitoring your teeth, gums, restorations, and prosthetics. Without examining you and reviewing your health history and medications, that's difficult to do, don't you think? Please draw your own conclusions and discuss your concerns with the dentist.
Do you need to see? I personally like to see my patients whenever they come in for their 6 month appointments. Every one of them. That being said if someone is on a 3 or 4 month recall, then I may not see them unless requested by the patient or the hygienist. But I usually try to say HI. Every office is different, but if you didn't need to have the dentist in to check, then you are probably in good shape.
At least once/year. When i see a new patient, i will perform the initial set of examinations, take a full set of radiographs (x-rays) and take photographs of every tooth and then set an appointment where i review all of the examination information with the patient and basically give them a "walking tour" and printed "road map" of their mouth and treatment options. If they need treatment, we will set the appointment.