Reasons for dizzy spells? Not on any medication..

Many possibilities. There are probably at least a hundred possible causes of being dizzy. The most common and easiest to try to correct first is being a little dehydrated. Most people do not drink enough fluids throughout the day. Is your urine concentrated? If so, drink (non-caffeine containing) liquids until your pee is clear. This can sometimes help with dizziness. If this doesn't help, you may need to go see doc.

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Please help! What is the reason for dizzy spells?

Dizzy. Mnay causes including ear, eye, neck, migraines and even thyroid issues. Start by seeing your doctor for a good check up. If normal then see a neurologist.

Creatitine 1.2, Prolaction 82, GFR 56, migraines, dizzy spells, laction (no reason). Is it more brain or kidney's? 31 white female. Always tired too

Hyperprolactinemia. Hi. Yes, with the lactation, that hyperprolactinemia (hi PRL) is the real thing. It is most likely due to a benign pituitary tumor that makes PRL, but some drugs can cause hi PRL, and some tumors that don't make PRL can compress the pituitary stalk and elevate PRL. Hypothyroidism can sometimes elevate PRL, so TSH and free T4 should be checked. I don't think your kidneys have anything to do with it.