Is it safe to go to the dentist or have surgical procedures while pregnant?

Yes. Important for your dentist or surgeon to know how far along your pregnancy to take the appropriate precautions and weigh risks against benefits or needs. They should consult with your ob.
Yes and no. While it is considered safe, most dentists will restrict you to normal cleanings, limited x-rays (if any) and only necessary procedures, not elective ones. Mepivicaine without Epinephrine is approved for pregnant patients that need local anesthetic for any procedure. Cleanings are essential since red, swollen and bleeding gums can affect the pregnancy.
Yes. Best tine is 2nd trimester. Let your Dentist know, in advance of your appointment, that you're pregnant (congrats!), put off elective procedures, but make sure all infections are treated ASAP to prevent harm to your baby. Go for regular exams/cleanings, and make sure your oral hygiene is excellent.
Depends. On procedure needed and which trimester u r in. But mostly safe today with what we know.