Sore & swollen foot after the gout has been gone for 2 weeks now its purple & skin peeling any explaination?

Get reevaluated. Skin peeling is normal as the swelling goes down after the gout resolves. Purple is congestion where blood is being pooled in the toe as it is slowed down in its return to the heart. If the pain was completely resolved and returned or the same see you doctor. If it is improving then its normal.
Several things. These symptoms can only be adequately diagnosed only after a thorough evaluation by your doctor. This may include labs and other satudies. Once all of the information is in, your doctor can let you know what's going on, and what to do to help you.

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Soles of feet are red, tender look swollen. Hard and peeling skin on the back of toes, hard skin and sore. Used athletes foot 5 days didn't help?

Tinea Pedis. It sounds like a tinea pedis or athletes foot. Fungus can be very resistant to medication. Put lotrimin (clotrimazole) AF cream as well as hydrocortisone cream 15 three times a day for a week. Also, dry feet and toes carefully, then apply gold bond powder into your socks immediately after bathing or swimming. Good luck. Read more...