If umbilical hernia not cause pain but if person want treatment of it without surgery so what he/she do?

Surgery or wait/see. Watchful waiting can be an option for small umbilical hernias, where it's very unlikely for bowel to enter & get stuck (incarcerated). Large umbilical hernias can also be left alone if it's very unlikely for bowel to get incarcerated. However, only option for hernias of any sort is surgical repair to prevent painful incarceration & strangulation of bowel. Best to go see surgeon for his/her opinion.
Surgery or wait. The only way to treat umbilical hernias is with open or laparoscopic surgery. If it's not causing pain, you can just continue your daily life. There is a small risk of intestines becoming trapped within the hernia (incarceration), which could damage the intestines. Weight loss can also sometimes help prevent the hernia from getting larger.