I have been feeling bad with a cough and sore throat, but now my right eye ball hurts.

See below. This is a problem that requires a face-to-face meeting with your doctor. In that meeting, your doctor will listen to you, perform a throrough examination and possibly order labs or other tests. Based on this information, he/she will be able to tell you what's wrong and what to do about it.

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I'm concerned about my right eye. I've been sick for a week and a half, sore throat, cough, snot- and now my eye is bloodshot and painful and oozing.?

?? Conjunctivitis. Nicholas: It might very well be that you have developed a secondary Bacterial Conjunctivitis. I strongly urge you to seek an evaluation in the next 24 hours by your physician. You may need ophthalmic antibiotic eye drops to clear up this problem.

I have been experiencing a lump in my throat feeling for 2 weeks now. It almost feels like I need to cough up a hair ball, but I can't cough anything up and I can't swallow it. I have no other symptoms, not even a sore throat.?

Tonsils. You feel a lump in your throat for 2 weeks. It is not sore. You feel like hair or a foreign object is there. You may have allergies or be exposed to something that is causing your tonsils to swell. They may be draining and causing the hair or foreign object sensation. This may or may not got worse at night. See a doctor since it has been 2 weeks. They can look in you throat and examine it.

I've had a sore throat, cough and aches now for a week. Also my eyes have matter I'm them. What do u suggest?

Viral infection. Believe it or not, about 98% of all upper respiratory infections in adults are viral in origin. Therefore with your symptoms, an antibiotic is indicated in about 2% of cases. In general our academy suggests the following: 1.) if you are getting worse after 5 days, an appropriate antibiotic should be given, 2.) if you do not improve at all after 10 days, an antibiotic should be prescribed.
Artificial tears. Consider artificial tears. Preservative free. This can also be the sign of a viral conjunctivitis. Cool compresses also helpful. If the vision compromised you should flow up with your ophthalmologist.