My breast are always sore and the dr did a hand check for lumps and said she didn't feel anything concerning. But why do they hurt to the touch?

Common problem. Fibrocystic disease/changes is very common in women. This is most often seen during the menstrual cycle. Breast feel lumpy and painful which is caused by cyst formation (fluid filled areas) due to hormonal changes. Some women may have these changes without being on their menstrual cycle. Caffeine may cuase the cysts to be overactive resulting in pain. This is not related to cancer. http://www.
Fibrocystic changes. The estrogen hormone can cause fluid retention in the breast ducts, and it can be quite painful in some women. It is not related to cancer and it is not a precursor to cancer, and some treatments are available. If you are sufficiently bothered by the pain you should see your gynecologist to find out your options.