Can there be a possibility that I have difficulty to conceive after taking birth control pills?

Easy on & off. Birth control pills have a very short effect and are out of your system in days. So fertility returns right away. In addition there are other benefits from long term use as mentioned including lighter periods, reduced rate of anemia, less cramps, less acne, less ovarian cysts, and reduced rates of ovarian and uterine cancer even many years later.
No. Many years ago, doctors believed that the birth control pill might delay the return of ovulation, but the low-dose pills that are prescribed today do not delay ovulation after being stopped. Additionally, it has been shown that bcps actually protect fertility by preventing pelvic problems such as ovarian cysts, heavy periods, etc.

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Is there a possibility that I have difficulty to conceive from taking birth control pills?

Usually not. Taking birth control pills will not change your fertility once you stop them. You'll remain as fertile as before & if you've never had children, this is still unknown. Take extra Folic Acid if trying to conceive, see your doc if you have concerns. & oh yeah, stop your pills if you're trying to get pregnant. Read more...