Does pelvic pressure mean I am going into pre-term labor?

Pelvicl pressure. The baby is sitting low in your pelvis meaning it's dropped and you will go into labor shortly.
No. Not necessarily. Pressure is common towards the end of the pregnancy or if it is not your first pregnancy. If there is any crampy pain, bleeding, or mucus/watery discharge you should call your doctor immediately.

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I am having pressure in my pelvic. It's scaring me because I'm afraid it will affect me having children, what is the issue? I am having pressure in my pelvic area and I can feel it most when I sit down, it's worrying me because I had a pre term labor in

Pelvic. Pelvic pressure warrants a medical evaluation. You may be dealing with something as simple as a urinary tract infection (uti). On the other hand you may have uterine fibroids (benign tumors of the uterus) or even ovarian cysts. Also vaginal infections can present this way. As you see there are a few different possibilities. Your doctor will need to do some testing and will also likely order a pelvic ultrasound. When all the results are in, your doctor will be able to tell you if there are any issues that would/are intefering with your ability to conceive, and will aslo give treatment as deemed necessary. Best of luck.