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Fever blisters or herpes simplex 2, what to do?

Topical antiviral. You can apply a topical antiviral--acyclovir. However unfortunately recurrence is still common under stressful situations.

I have herpes simplex 2, but I rarely have any major outbreaks. Now I got bumps that are red, itchy, and swollen. Is this a outbreak? In my pubic area

No way to know. Herpes is usually painful. Not just itchy. If the outbreak is different than your normal then prob not. You might check with your doc to look at it to see if the lesions look like Herpes.

How herpes simplex 2 outbreak can be avoided. How it is common?

Multi factorial. Avoid sun exposure, get plenty of rest, keep up a healthy immune system, good nutrition, avoid physical and mental stressors, and others who have transmitable infections. Remember, this virus is opportunistic!

Can the first outbreak of herpes simplex 2 always appear with in the first month of contracting it?

Can vary. First outbreak of hsv-2 can vary from happening within 2-12 days post exposure, to longer than that for some.

Can you catch herpes simplex 2 from receiving oral intercourse from someone who has a sore on their mouth?

I assume you mean or. Sex, yes, if someone has a herpes sore on their mouth, whether it is type 1 or type 2, doesn't matter which type, the herpes can be transferred ot the genital region.

Can I get herpes simplex 2 on my vagina from having oral sex that has herpes simplex 1 on their mouth?

No, but, Herpes simplex 1 & herpes simplex 2 are distinct viruses. You cannot get hsv2 from someone who only has hsv1, but you can get hsv1 in the genital area or hsv2 around the mouth. It is possible to have hsv 1 & 2 both in either the oral area or the gential area.

I got lab results: herpes simplex 1 IgG 29.4, herpes simplex 2 IgG 13.7 both positive, but herpes simplex 1 & 2 ivm negative <0.5 what does this mean?

Old infection. This means you have both types of herpes and that they are old infections. Because your igm is negative we know you acquired these longer than six weeks ago.