Can a cyst 8cm be associated with constipation and indigestion, CT scan said it was abuts my small bowel?

Usually not. A benign simple ovarian cyst usually does not cause constipation.
Possibly. At 8 cm cyst is fairly large. If it is in such a location that it is blocking the passage of stool through your colon, it could theoretically be causing constipation. Generally cysts, if they are truly cysts, contain water and are soft and would not cause obstruction of the colon. Please have your doctor review the report from the radiologist of your ct scan to be sure.

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Cystic lesion 6.3x4.0cm abuts small bowel. Located between bowl loops and splenic flexture. Is this cancer. Had CT scan for slight pain. No obstruct.

Highly Unlikely. What you are describing sounds like a mesenteric cyst. Cancers can develop in these cysts, but the odds are probably "one in a million". Unfortunately, there's not much you can do with these other than excision, sometimes requiring removal of the adjacent intestine. Please see a surgeon with extensive laparoscopic experience--they can help you sort this out and decide if surgery is needed.

I had a CT scan that revealed a small bowel intussusception, a small cyst on left kidney, a small cyst on spleen and a homogenous pharyngeal attenuation of the liver as well as a small amount if fluid in the left adnexa. Are any of these findings signific

Here are some. .. For your current best interest of healthcare, you should direct these Qs to the Doc in the Team since she/he has known of your Hx and can correlate the test findings to your clinical conditions and make a sensible interpretation to suite your situation more than anyone online. Online inquiry at this time may lead to more anxiety & confusion as well as more time/resource-wasting. So, see Doc timely.

Cystic mass by ovary and abduts to small bowel. Could this also be ovaian cancer. Seen on CT scan. 29 years old?

Could be. You need more evaluation absolutely. See a gynecologist- and have further test- if it looks suspicious, your gynecologist likely will do a biopsy and if it is worrisome- then surgical removal.

Ct scan showed a 6 CM cystic mass next to small bowel. Could that be cancerous at age 29 years old. What are some things it may be? Seeing GI in a wk

Duplication cyst. Without images, difficult to tell, but some things in the differential are: duplication cyst, ovarian cyst, mesenteric cyst. Please see your doctor and keep the GI consult. If the report describes a "cystic mass", that can imply a soft tissue component - meaning it is not a simple cyst. The radiologist who read the ct may need to be contacted by one of your physicians to clarify.