I heard dental fillings are toxic and slowly get released. Any safe ones you might be aware of?

Silver fillings? If you are speaking of silver or amalgam fillings, there has been talk that the mercury in filling can leak and is toxic. In us, the american dental association and the federal drug adm have done scientific studies that show there is no harm to the patient. They are safe and long lasting. However. There are good alternatives to these type of fillings, like bonded resin, milled ceramic, or gold.
Let me explain. Given the available scientific information and considering the demonstrated benefits of dental amalgams, unless new scientific research dictates otherwise, there currently appears to be no justification for discontinuing the use of dental amalgam.
See below. Amalgam is an approved dental material. If any restorations need to be replaced, possibly you can consider a more modern restoration. I would not take out all amalgam restorations and replace them with composites, if it is not warranted.
Stop worrying. I have silver fillings that were placed more than 20 years before you were born. You're in your 40's, ever hear of anyone that died from faulty dental fillings? I think not. If you do have silver fillings they are not contributing to your medical conditions. There are numerous restorative alternatives, see your Dentist.
HEARING IS NOT TRUTH. Amalgam fillings are safe but if your concerned than ask for composite [white] fillings.They are not as strong as amalgam in back teeth but indicated for front teeth.I have amalgam in my mouth for over 50 yrs. And im still alive.