Pcos, but with clomid150mg/day ovoluted, OPK came+ive on12th day of periods. Periods regular, made love on 9 12 13 15 day of periods. Can I conceiv? Tsh low

Probably. If you couldn't conceive, Clomid (clomiphene) would have not been prescribed. Your timing & info seem right. Your doc will monitor for ovulation, perform us to evaluate follicular development, & help you with timing of intercourse. A semen analysis should have already been done along with a test to confirm patent tubes & a complete medical exam. Ask your doc if you have any questions since they know you best.
Well, low tsh not. As bad as a high TSH but a T3 (liothyronine) and free t-4 will tell u better how your thyroid hormones r doing. Low TSH is c/w hish thyroid levels but unlikely hyperthyroid. Wait until u miss a period and check a upt. Good luck and this should not affect whether or not u get pregnant. Good luck.