How do I start my second pack of birth control pills if I started taking them the first day of my period?

Pill Everyday. A pill a day keeps the stork away! Even if you're still having your period from the current pack, you should start a new pack of pills immediately after completing it.
Just follow the pack. Just follow the pack. You should take a pill everyday.

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No period at the end of my first pack of birth control pills am I pregnant? Is this normal? I started the 21 day pack the Sunday after my period...

Can do a preg. Test. Using birth control methods is a full-time job. If a person doesn't use it all the time, every time... then babies can happen. Once in a while, pregnancy happens even when one uses birth control very correctly. A urine pregnancy test gives a reliable result if done correctly. One can test about 3 weeks after sex (3 weeks after when conception might have occurred) or 1 week after missing a period.

Can I start my first pack of birth control pills without waiting for my period?

Yes, but not advised. You can do this, but you still may have a cycle in the middle of the month and it is best to wait; or otherwise take the 21 active pills and then start the next month and hopefully that will regulate it, but it may take a few cycles to get 'coordinated'.

Should I worry if I started my period before finishing first pack of birth control pills?

Probably not. It usually takes 1-2 pill cycles before your body gets used to the new hormones. Make sure you take your pill as directed at about the same time every day. Smokers should not be on the pill (they are at increased risk of stroke, especially after 40 years old). Some pills have 24 active hormone pills, others have 21. This will affect when a woman starts her period after stopping the active hormone.

If I begin a new pack of birth control Pills for the first time a week Or two Before My period how will it affect my period?

Lighter vs absent. Your period will likely be absent vs lighter and you will potentially have some irregular bleeding over the next several months. The reason for waiting until your next period to start is to insure that you are not pregnant. If you are certain this is not the case, you can go ahead and start the pills now.

I finish my first pack of birth control pills and my period haven't come. I didn't had intercourse at all?

Common. Many women will stop menstruating with low dose pills like loloestrin. It is safe and will not affect future fertility. Enjoy. You will have to see what happens over the next few cycles tho to see if it you will continue to have your periods stopped.

I started using lolo the birth control pills I'm done with my first pack, but my period is non stop, it's being almost two weeks now and It doesn't sto?

Too much flow!! With 10 days of heavy flow you have probably lost a significant amount of blood. You should probably be on a different BCP and iron too. Speak to your OB soon!