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I urinated 30 minutes before giving a urine sample for STD testing. Does this reduce effectivness of amp test?

Possible... How long should one wait to collect urine for testing STD? There is no firm set rule, but it is sensible to wait for 2-4 hairs at least so to let the std-related germs produce enough amount of their metabolic residual for testing; of course, make sure to collect the first (dirty) part of urine, not the midstream. That is why the first part of morning urine is the best specimen for testing STD.

I'm 51 years old and after I pass urine it Burns to the point I'm in tears. My wife just had an std test done in 9/30/15 and her test was negative?

See a doc. You might have inflammation of urethra- drink a lot of water. See a doctor to check urine for infection not excluding STD. If fever/chills or testes swelling- can be serious.

Can a STD test still work if the urine sample is a few days old? Chlamdyia??

Here are some. .. Good question! But, in daily medical practice, the best result of test comes from testing the timely collected fresh specimen, especially the urine which is known to change its odor & cloudiness from oxidation and many sequential chemical change after exposing to the air. So, give a fresh urine as advised. Yet, I don't believe there has been a scientific study to specifically address your question.

I have had this vaginal burning for months now. I got a urine test, STD test and a culture test everything negative what could this be?

IC. Interstitial cystitis can cause these symptoms. It can be difficult to treat, also called painful bladder syndrome — it is a chronic condition in which you experience bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain, ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain. See your doctor, part of treatment is avoidance of certain acidic foods in your diet.

, why do I have a light neon greenish discharge? I had it for months and also took an std test and urine test, they both came out negative.

Gynecologist. This may be a bacterial vaginal infection which doesn't necessarily have to be a STD. A Gynecologist is best qualified to evaluate, advise and treat this.

What does it mean when my doctor asked for a second urine STD test 10 days after my last STD test? I was treated for Chymadia three weeks ago

That's standard. It's called a "test of cure." It's a standard of care. When we treat an STD such as Chlamydia, we test after therapy to ensure that we have cured you. You should not be sexually active until this has been completed and your infection has been proven to be cured.

Mild urethra pain 2 wks. No discharge/urine pain. All STD test neg. 10 days of doxy, better on day 9-10. 2 days off & symptoms back. Thoughts? Sex OK?

Urine culture. Sometimes some men may have a mild uti with on antibiotic resistant organism. It may be worthwhile to see your doctor and obtain a urine culture to see exactly what organism is causing the problem and what specific antibiotic would be the right one to cure. Sex is fine as long as infections are ruled out.