I got a mole near my collar bone and I want it removed without it leaving any marks/scarring is this possible?

No. A nevus (aka mole) is a common and usually harmless lesion. Removal requires either cutting it out with a scalpel and closing skin with suture or removal by some destructive technique (laser, dermabasion, cautery, etc). All techniques will result in some form of scarring that will leave a visible mark. If the mole has any suspicious features for cancer, a sample should be sent to a pathologist.
Scar. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist may remove this with minimal scarring.
Maybe. The scar once it matures may be invisible if placed in the skin lines and done with sucuticular closure. If the mole is malignant and a wider incision is needed then you can cover any scar with covermark or similar product.
Scarring. There is no way to prevent a scar if you have a mole removed. The skin heals by scar so if it is injured it will leave a scar. See a board certified plastic surgeon to see what your options are.
May be. The size of the mole determines the size of the scar that will be left behind after the removal, no matter how the mole is removed. The smaller the mole, the smaller the scar. Only a plastic surgeon can tell you what kind of a result you can anticipate after the removal. Get an in person consultation. Good luck from nyc.
Generally no. Surgically removing a mole or other skin lesion will always leave a scar. Thal is mother nature's glue. Certain lesions can be treated with laser surgery or other less invasive procedures, but there will almost always be a mild skin color difference. It may be barely noticeable, and this depends on how you scar.