Why can't I gain weight?

Weight gain . Itl depends on a lot of factors.Age genetics dietary habits excercise stature body mass metabolism etc.If you feel you need to put on some weight and there are no other issues talk up your doctor hormonal levels checked some workup assuring no concerns no psychological issues affecting mood appetites then there are meds that stimulate appetite can be used all the best.
Nutrition & thyroid. For someone who's been thin all his/her life, thank your luck stars for a "fast metabolism". If you're concerned about your inability to gain weight, get a referral to & speak w/nutritionist to make sure you're eating enough calories & protein. Also check w/your family doc to make sure your thyroid is normal as is your gut & immune system. Unexplained weight loss is another animal completely.

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I eat a lot, sleep a lot, and I smoke cigs. I'm 18 an only 90lbs. Why can't I gain weight? I look like a walking stick! Help!

See MD. Go to see your md and get checked. There are different things needs to check- including your physical condition, thyroid function etc. More info are obviously needed. And one last thing is i recommend you to stop smoking. Take care and god bless. Read more...

Why can't I gain weight in my body anymore? Especially my upper body including my waist. I only gain weight in my face. Solutions?

Weight gain. Is it just "weight" (including fat) that you're wanting to gain in your upper body, or are you looking more for muscle? Gaining muscle requires a healthy food plan along with weight training to increase your muscles' size. You will also need extra protein. See your doctor to make sure this won't be a risk to you, and so you stay healthy. A trainer can help with workout guidance & diet too. Read more...