How do you increase blood flow during menstruation?

Increase? Most people do not ask for an increase. Are you on the pill? Are you ovulating regularly, may wanna check an ovulation predictor kit to see if bleeding due to ovulation or not. If on the pill light bleeding not a problem.
That is something. You would not want to do because it would cause your period to be really heavy.

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I usually have heavy blood flow during menstruation, however for this past two days, my blood flow is very light. Is it something to worry about?

Could be. A menstrual period that happens on time but is much lighter than usual could be an implantation bleed rather than a period. If you have been having unprotected sex, you need to do a pregnancy test and repeat it in 3-5 days if it is negative. There certainly are other things that can cause a period to be lighter but most will also cause it to be irregular. Hope this helps. Read more...