Having tooth extraction and bone graft/"sinus bump" on monday and I'm terrified. What should I expect?

Not as bad as you th. It should not be as bad as you think, there is going to be some swelling, and discomfort maybe for 1-2 days, but controlable easy with pain medication. Do not worry.
YOu will be fine. Usually the procedure is routine for an oral surgeon. Often patients may have some discomfort for a day or 2. We perform such procedures often in our office and patients do very well. However, I do understand your anxiety. If so, consider sedation for the procedure and this will make everything easy and simple. Good luck.
Ask for sedation. You should have this procedure done by a well trained and reputable specialist. If you are nervous, they can sedate you. The procedure should be done a-traumatically, as to be kind to the remaining bone and grafted area. So by definition the surgery needs to be very meticulously performed to avoid trauma and infection . You may be swollen and tender in the region for a week or so.
Minor discomfort. Most of our patients says that the sounds are really worse than the procedure. Mostly you will just feel the pressure of the movement of the procedure if you have proper anesthesia (as long as there isn't a major infection). The little "sinus bump" may feel a little strange but should not hurt. If you are really "terrified" ask about premeditation or about"twilight sleep" availability.
Easy as Pie ! The procedure is very simple, predictable, and painless. After the tooth is removed, the surgeon will gently 'tap' the floor of the sinus, creating space for a small amount of bone to be added. The implant will be placed and you'll have a couple stitches. You'll be numb, comfortable, and have minimal post-op discomfort. Keep smiling !
Not much. If you are very nervous ask about being sedated. What you are having done souns like a sinus lift procedure which is done to grow bone to eventually place a in implant. Absent sedation you will hear noises but you can wear headphones and listen to music to block that out. Speak to your dentist about sedation and make your concerns known so you will have a better experience.
Depends. Depends on the expertise of the operator. Is this a specialist who has done many of these before or is it a general dentist who does this "once in awhile"?
Don't be concerned. Not exactly sure what you mean by sinus bump. If you are having a sinus lift after the extraction in order to better prepare the site for an implant, this should be a relatively simple procedure. Normally the post op is not all that uncomfortable. Be prepared for a day or so of discomfort but basic pain meds should easily take care of it. Nothing to be afraid of. It always sounds worse than it i.
No pain. I am sure you are going to have anesthesia. Expect no pain during the procedure. If you think you are feeling something tell the dentist so he or she can make you comfortable. After you canhave some discomfort and swelling. You should be given instructions after you are done along with medications for any pain.
Ask the surgeon. This is best answered by the surgeon who knows you, your medical and dental history, and your specific circumstances. Generally speaking you should be completely numb for the procedure and therefore not feel anything. Again, generally speaking, as with any surgical procedure there should be some discomfort and possibly slight bleeding which is easily handled with medications. Call the surgeon.
Mild discomfort. Surgeon will be very careful to extract the tooth atraumatically, least amount of force necessary. The bone graft should healnicely and be uneventful.
Don't worry. I've had a similar procedure myself. You'll have some soreness. Nothing more. I had my procedure at 10 am and was in my office, seeing patients by 2 pm! you might need some ice for a couple of hours and maybe an otc analgesic (like advil) for the soreness.
Don't be Terrified. It sound's more scary than it really is. Let the clinician know that you would like the dental assistant place her right hand flat on your forehead and left hand fingers pinching your bridge of the nose near the eyes when he starts to lift the sinus. This takes the sting off from the procedure. From what you wrote it seems that the provider is gonna carry out the lift using osteotomes.
Swelling and pain. Tis is a surgical procedure. So you can expect some swelling and some slight discomfort. You should be aware that you can also experience a nose bleed which can occur when you enter the sinus with an implant procedure.
May need antibiotics. You might need antibiotics due to localized infection. Go back to your doctor and get it checked.
Take it easy. With an extraction and graft, you can expect some postoperative pain and may want to take it easy for a couple of days before resuming normal activity. Be sure to follow the instructions of your surgeon.
Depends. All depends on what the "sinus bump" is. If it is an osteotome technique, then you will feel tapping pressure as the bone is used to reshape the sinus contour in the area. The instrument confines the bone and compacts it as it pushes the bone upward into the sinus area, bringing the lining with it. Expect to be very numb. The extraction socket is usually then filled with some kind of graft.
Headache. Generally, the worst part of the procedure is when the "bump-up" occurs, that is, when the lower border of your sinus is pushed up to create space for the bone graft. This is usually done by tapping an instrument up against the lower bony border. Often, patients complain of a headache later on. The dentist who is doing the procedure should be able to answer all you questions and concerns.