I have a sharp pain in my right temple. I used to get them like every 6 months. I just thought it was due to my migranes, but now I'm getting them once a week. What should I do?

Temporal arteritis. You may be suffering from temporal arteritis rather than migraine headaches. If so, a biopsy will show inflammation of the blood vessels. The condition is thought to be autoimmune and is treatable. The discomfort is typically characterized as unilateral, sharp, and localized to the temporal artery region.
Likely still migrain. Migraine patterns due change over time in many, and it is likely, that this represents an exacerbation which might best be handled with meds to prevent migraine eventsl perhaps you could discuss with your doctor, and start some of these items. Also, such pains could be secondary to tmj, and dental issues, so might check this out.
Stabbing headache . It could be primary stabbing headache which is the new term for ice pick headaches.