What would you recommend for a teething 1yr old? She's not a fan of teethers.

Teething pain help. Generally Ibuprofen is much more effective for teething than acetaminophen.You can also let your baby chew on a soft bristle tooth brush. Some parents have found camilia really aids in teething discomfort. It is important you do not give your baby more than four doses of Acetaminophen per day. Some children will chew on your finger to put some pressure back on the erupting tooth. Good luck.
Teething. Are you giving her anything for the discomfort at all? I usually recommend parents try freezing the teething rings (even sliced frozen fruit works) and infant tylenol (acetaminophen) for discomfort. The tylenol (acetaminophen) will provide a longer lasting effect than orajel.
Moist washcloth . You can try a clean washcloth dipped in cool water (squeeze out all the excess water so that it is just barely damp) , wrap it around your index finger and gently place in your child's mouth. The 1Y.O. Will bite on it and the coolness will relieve some gum line soreness.
??teething?? If a kid is truly bothered by teething pain the use of chilled teething rings offer safe & accepted relief. Those with a water core can be frozen & rotated as they become warm.The cold slows the pain messages to the brain. If the kid doesn't like them, i would consider true teething less likely than other reasons for fussiness.
See below. You can an anbesol type of topical anesthetic but make sure to pick one using natural products. Older versions have Benzocaine which although rare can cause methemoglobinemia in children. If your child is experiencing more severe pain, Motrin or tylenol (acetaminophen) can be used as needed. (follow instructions on box).