Is numbness and that pinching needle feeling like your foot is falling asleep in your legs, a normal sign of diabetes?

It can be. Frequent episodes of numbness and tingling in the feet may be due to peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). While there are many causes of peripheral neuropathy, diabetes is one of the most common causes. Because the metabolic problems that lead to diabetes go on for many years, and can cause damage to the nerves, it is possible to develop neuropathy even before being diagnosed with diabetes.
Abnormal nerve. Neuropathy is a condition resulting from abnormal nerve function. Neuropathy can be due to certain vitamin deficiencies, nerve damage due to trauma, alcohol consumption, radiation, side effects of certain medications, or due to certain medical conditions such as diabetes. Treatment varies depending on the cause of the problem. Have it evaluated and appropriately treated.
It can be. However, there are many causes of neuropathy. Conditions affecting back, b-12 anemia and excessive alcohol use are other common causes. See your physician for evaluation.