What is bipolar and what are the symptoms?

Ups and downs. Bipolar disorder means you have mood dysregulation. Atleast once in your life you will experience a manic episode which is atleast one week of symptoms which include but are not limited to:rapid speech, impulsive behavior, flight of ideas, no sleep without feeling tired, in addition, you may have symptoms of major depression which includes depressed mood, lack of energy, hopelessness.
Bipolar. Bipolar I and bipolar II, In the first, manic phases are more severe, and in the second, depressive phases are more severe. There is also cyclothymia which is a low grade version of bipolar disorder in general, where mood swings are not as severe in either direction, manic or depressive. Different people exhibit different symptoms, yes. No two bipolar sufferers are alike.
Bipolar Disorder is . A mood disorder. When a person is manic or hypomanic they may exhibit aggression, agitation, lack of judgment ; impulse control, distractability, rapid thoughts ; speech, ^ libido, v sleep, spending sprees, high risk behaviors, elation, ^ physical activity ; even psychosis. When depressed one may experience low mood, v energy level, v concentration, amotivation, ^ or v sleeping, change in.