My blood clot in my lung is gone but I get tired real fast and my heart pounds very hard and beats fast could this be becuase u had a pe in nov 2012?

Pulmonary Hypertn. Patients with DVT and pulmonary embolism can develop pulmonary hypertension down the road. That can lead to right-sided heart failure. That could give you some of the symptoms you are complaining of. You need to be evaluated by your primary care physician or a vascular specialist. An echo on your heart can help diagnosis problem.
Possibly. There are few reasons causing these symptoms, one could be that you did not exercise over the last few months while you are sick and now are out of shape. Another could be because of secondary changes caused by the clot. It could be a new embolism. The answer depends on the your medical history, the size of the clot and how it was treated. I would recommend follow up with your md.