Please tell me natural remedies for the prevention of kidney stones and the pain they cause.?

Hydration. The best "home" remedy for kidney stone prevention is increasing fluid (primarily water) intake. Lemonade is also good for most people with stone disease. Restricting salt and red meat protein may also help. For acute stone attacks, you should seek medical attention and possible evaluation by a urologist.
See below. Drink more fluids- 2.5 litres per day, low salt diet. Lower protein diet. Avoid high oxalate foods if oxalate stones.
Stones. . Depends on the kind of stone. If its the most common, ca oxalate. And you have hyperoxaluria -high content of oxalate in urine, the natural methods involve eliminating certain foods rich in oxalates: spinach, kale , rhubarb, nuts, beans, coffee, chocolate, list goes on. If its uric acid, another list . Some suggest lemonade every day, and no salt in diet. Consult a urologist for specifics.

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Can you please describe the natural remedies for kidney stones?

Low salt drink lots. R only true natural remedies. Stones can pass on their own if smaller than 6mm in diameter, may obstruct ureter or kidney in which case u need a urologist. Shock-wave lithotripsy (breaking stones with sound waves is close to natural. However if stones larger than 6mm will almost certainly need urologic intervention. Don't believe claims of various "wonder" herbs or food additives, they do not work. Read more...